The 21 Day Clutter Clearing Program

THE 21 DAY CLUTTER CLEARING PROGRAM can help you remove the energetic wall that clutter creates and it can give you insight into what’s blocking an extraordinary life.

From a spiritual perspective, letting go of physical “stuff” equates with letting go of emotional blockages and barriers in your life. Like a big old weed with a long tap root, simply chopping the top off will only delay the inevitable. The ‘weed’ will return.

In truth, clutter clearing is never just about the stuff; it’s a signpost that indicates other things going on in your life beneath the surface. Simply clearing the things that you don’t love and don’t use is a start but it isn’t enough. If you don’t go to the source of the reason for the clutter, it will accumulate again.


With daily exercises and weekly check ins, this 4 week commitment provides you with the time and the support to explore questions like these:

✤  is it useful?  is this meaningful and current to my life or has it served its purpose?
✤  does it improve my life?   does it empower me?     do I love it?
✤  does it make like life easier?
✤  does it help open my heart? does it support my dreams?
✤  does it feed my soul?
✤  is my life better off without it?
✤  how does it feel to have more space in my life? do I have to fill every niche of my life?
✤  what’s going on beneath all this stuff?

This program can transform your life . . . for clutter clearing is truly modern day alchemy.


This program helped me tremendously. It provided significant steps and additional support / experience to allow me to get through another plateau in my self transformative process. Mary Alice was very easy to work with – welcomed my experience and respected my ideas – it was truly a mutual experience. I am glad that I did the Soul Coaching 28 Day program and would recommend Mary Alice to anyone serious about personal transformation.

Judy Kunkle, PhD