Soul Coaching Institute

The Soul Coaching® 28 Day Program

THE SOUL COACHING® 28 DAY PROGRAM is divided into four sections that correspond to the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. In the program we explore the relationship between these elements and the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. Through honoring the gifts and blessings of the elements, we can arrive at a deepened understanding of the ways in which they work to promote balance in our lives, guiding us to an ever deepening and rich life experience.

Looking Deeper offers two choices for the soul coaching program; meeting once weekly for six weeks or meeting once a month for six months. When you register for this program, you are committing to the entire six weeks/months series.

There will be assignments for each day of the 28 Day Program. These assignments are divided into three levels, and participants are encouraged to choose the level that is most appropriate for them at any given point in the Program.

The Soul Coaching Program will serve anyone, regardless of age, religious affiliation, or previous level of spiritual engagement.

As a result of completing this program you will find yourself:

✤  looking at all aspects of your life from deeper perspective
✤  making better choices for yourself
✤  becoming increasingly aware of your personal power
✤  releasing old patterns that no longer serve you
✤  feeling confident and capable in designing the life you desire
✤  with increased clarity and focus
✤  releasing with ease and re-directing your time and energy
✤  living from a renewed sense of vitality and zest

You will come away from this program with tangible skills that can be used to seek balance in your life whenever you feel the need, renewed in confidence, and buoyed by the interconnectedness of all life.

Talk to Mary Alice to see if this program is right for you.

Soul Coaching

Once you commit to this program, your life will begin to unfold in amazing ways. It is as if you are aligned with the forces of the universe and remarkable synchronistic events begin to propel you toward your destiny.

Denise Linn,
founder of Soul Coaching®