Through her work, Mary Alice provides a safe and calm place for people to stop, breathe, dream big, reassess their true values and reactivate a dialog with their inner guidance and nurturing system. From this vantage point, positive and lasting change can and does happen: change that has a powerful and profound influence on the individual, their loved ones and their broader community.

Mary Alice Mastrovito began her teaching career in 1972, and has since presented programs and workshops in a  wide variety of contexts. At Looking Deeper, she weaves the varied threads of her life and training into a tapestry that includes Nature and Forest Therapy, Soul Coaching, Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy, Meditation, Garden Design and a deep respect for Nature.

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Mary Alice Mastrovito

I choose to be “a guardian of nature, a healer of misery, a messenger of wonder and an architect of peace.”

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