I believe that the simple, essential things in life bring deep and lasting happiness: the health of our relationships, our connection to the people in our life, the peace and sanctity of our homes, the fulfillment of meaningful work, and the rejuvenation of joyful play.

I believe we are continually growing into deeper wholeness as we move through the experiences of our lives. The willingness to observe our thoughts, listen to our hearts and move in tandem with both will lead us to the joy of an integrated life.

I believe each of us has an inner voice assuring us of our inherent worth, and this inner voice will guide us to the best outcome.

I believe that our teachers are many and include all forms of life. We have much to gain from seeing with new eyes, hearing with new ears, and remaining open to new wisdom at every stage of life.

I believe our everyday lives are rich with meaning and full of sacred moments. It is the conscious everyday choices of our lives that lead us to experience profound joy, deep fulfillment, and a lasting connection to all life.

Mary Alice

Mary Alice Mastrovito

And everything that for so long had seemed so ordinary had suddenly become so extraordinary, and I wondered if, in fact, it hadn’t been this way all along: that perhaps for my whole life it had been this way, so utterly alive, so clear, so vibrant. Perhaps in my lifelong quest to reach the spectacular and the dramatic, I had missed the ordinary, and with it, and through it, and in it, the utterly extraordinary.

A Walk In The Rain by Paul Foster