Customized Choices

✤  Just for One If you are interested in a program that is not currently on our calendar, why wait? Any of the above programs can be customized for a one to one experience. Contact us to learn how a class can be individualized just for you.

✤  Individual Consultations, Coaching Sessions, and Oracle Card Readings
Individual sessions are available for clients who prefer one on one interaction. These sessions can take place independently or as a supplement to any program. We recommend individual sessions for those seeking greater clarity and focus in achieving a personal goal.

✤  Create Your Own Group
Create your own group of five or more and receive a discount on many of our programs. Contact us to discuss details.

✤  Workshops for Your Organization
We will gladly create a specialized workshop for your group or organization. Contact us to discuss details.

I approached Mary Alice to facilitate the event our church was planning, a 24 hour intensive retreat, involving individuals from different faith systems and life experiences. Mary Alice generously met with the organizers of this event and presented topics to build our retreat upon.  Her follow up, communication with the organizers, and willingness to adjust and accommodate to the needs of the group, as well as the facility space were all excellent. Mary Alice’s presentation style is warm and welcoming, encouraging participants to be open  to the materials being presented, as well as one’s inner spirit. She is very well prepared with information and a variety of ways to present them, organized and able to provide structure, yet allow for flexibility and program changes when needed. I would strongly recommend any group organizers to be in touch with Mary Alice to assist with the planning process of an event, and to facilitate the event itself. It was truly a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to more collaborative efforts in the future.

                          Laura Walker, LSW