Conscious Living Coaching

Conscious Living Coaching is a process of self discovery that unfolds naturally one step at a time to lead you into greater clarity, confidence, peace, enlightened action, and the experience of a life authentically lived.

During these one-on-one sessions, we will design a plan that illuminates your path and supports you along the way. Natural talents, strengths, and life skills are retrieved, dusted off, restored, renovated or perhaps discovered for the first time.

Your longing, desire, and inner voice will be our beginning.

We will walk this path together setting realistic goals, facing any speed bumps, and celebrating your accomplishments along the way.

Interested?  I welcome your questions.


We are here to unleash the physical, energetic, and spiritual potentialities within us and other species, and to bring greater life, joy, and wisdom to the universe.

We cannot separate our thoughts and beliefs from what is happening in the world around us because the one creates the other. From the invisible realm of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings comes the world we are creating.

from Partnering with Nature by Catriona MacGregor