How I Work

I have found that no matter how “pretty” I make my outer world, or how well furnished it may be, or even how well I “play the game” society expects of me, I am nothing without a flourishing inner world. If I lack self respect, honor, integrity, healthy relationships and a way to contribute to the world, my experience of life dims, withers and becomes cold and lifeless.

It is my inner world that fuels, guides, embellishes, and leads me to a whole and happy life. Not the other way around. I am not unique in this. This is as natural as breathing. You, too, have an inner world, an inner voice of guidance, and a rich and wonderful storehouse that resides within whether you know it at this moment or not.

The tools used within Looking Deeper, (Nature Immersion / Forest Therapy / Shinrin yokuFlower Essences, Soul Coaching®,and Spiritual Direction) overlap, intertwine, and come together in ways that are as unique as each person who comes to my practice. A client may begin with any one of these areas only to find that the tools from another area help them to connect the dots and jump over hurdles leading them to  insight, clarity, and wholeness.

I will work with you as a co-creator, bringing my experience, tools and training to meet you and yours. Your input is crucial, not just my own. In addition, we will include, honor, and respect the voice of Spirit moving in each of us and our time together. In this way, that inner voice, our constant ‘silent partners,’ become not so silent. We consciously choose to cooperate with Spirit and we are both empowered in the process.

May we each remember that every day is an adventure to be lived with bold confidence and joy!

Spiritual Direction

We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value. The rapture that is associated with being alive is what it is all about.

– Joseph Campbell