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A Note About Our Forest Therapy Walks

Oh how I miss our walks together! I miss meeting new people, seeing each of you ease into a new and deeper relationship with the Forest and the more than human world.

While I am certainly enjoying my own walks, watching spring as she unfolds as gracefully as ever, it is not the same as being with you as we drop into the healing energy of the Forest together.
Forest Therapy

Here are four options if you miss these walks too.

  1. There are 9 DIY Forest Therapy Invitations posted on my Looking Deeper facebook. Check them out!  Looking.Deeper.Now
  2. A few guides around the world are doing virtual walks. ANFT Virtual walks
  3. This just might be the time that you develop a personal, daily Forest Therapy practice! Where ever you are, Nature is there to meet you. If you have been on a walk of mine, you know the invitation called Pleasures of Presence. That alone will help bring you into the present and begin to shift any stress levels. Add a 15-20 minute Sit Spot followed by a gift of Reciprocity and Voila!

    Feel free to share with me; “What are you noticing?”

  4. Are you in the greater Cleveland area? Contact me to arrange for a one on one guided walk that maintains social distancing. 

Once we know how and when we can resume face to face group walks, I will let you know what is planned for this year. Until then, know that Nature stands ready to greet you… just step in and introduce yourself !

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass;
it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Read/See the Media buzz and science studies here.
Common Questions and Concerns

Mary Alica and Maria

Why Do I Need a Guide??

  • A guide’s purpose is to lead you into new territory… lead you into a deeper experience, even on a trail that may be familiar to you.
  • A guide minimizes distractions and encourages focus so you get the most out of your experience.
  • A guide assists you to open all your senses (even those beyond the usual 5) and this in turn opens you to experience more on the trail than you thought possible.
  • A guide supports new, embodied experiences instead of collecting more details and additional facts.
  • A guide leads you into a deeper and lively reciprocal relationship with the more-than human world.
  • A guide witnesses and validates your discovery, wonder, and awe.