A list of common questions and concerns about Forest Therapy

Why a fee? 

A Forest Therapy walk is so much more than a simple walk in the woods. Once you experience it, you will see that it is a carefully constructed wellness practice. I will continue a sliding scale of $25 to $45 in 2018 for these walks in order to make them accessible for most people. No one with a genuine interest will be turned away.

Why Prepay?

Many of the park systems prefer that money does not exchange hands on site. Therefore, all fees for these walks are to be prepaid. Paypal is available or you can contact me and mail a check a week in advance.

What happens to my fee if I cannot attend?

Worried about a weather cancellation or a schedule change and a prepaid walk?  I will reserve it towards your next walk.


There are times when trail conditions change rapidly due to weather conditions. If I need to make a change for the group’s safety, I will contact those who are planning on walking with me

What trails do you use?

Listed below are a few of the trails I use. I am always exploring new ones and am open to your suggestions.

Cleveland East: Chapin Forest, North Chagrin Metroparks

Cleveland West: Huntington Beach, Rocky River Reservation

Cleveland Central: Brecksville Reservation

I’ve tried hiking groups and I can’t keep up. How fit do I need to be?

Forest Therapy walks are slow and easy meanderings on an established trail. We typically walk a mile or less during a 2 or 3 hour walk with frequent stops. The focus of a Forest Therapy walk is the experience of immersion into nature while opening your senses to all the elements present.  How fast or how far we walk does not come into consideration. If you have concerns, please contact me. Some of the trails are suitable for those with temporary or permanent mobility issues who use walking aides like walkers or canes.

What is the difference between a public walk and a private walk?

On a public walk you get to meet and mingle with new folks. Not surprisingly, there is usually an easy connection and sometimes you even discover someone you already know who signed up for the same walk you did.

A private walk is organized by one individual who gathers 4 or more others to join in. These walks could be organized around co-workers, friends, a family celebration, or a group or organization. We can discuss the details and customize the walk to your group.

I have a favorite place to walk. Will you do a Forest Therapy walk there? or none of your trails are near me.

I am happy to explore new trails and parks to see if they meet the requirements of a good Forest Therapy trail. With 4 people to join me, I can prepare a Forest Therapy walk for your group in your general geographical area.

What do I need to bring to a Forest Therapy walk? How do I prepare?

The most important preparation is to dress for the weather. Be comfortable. Because our slow meandering will not be building up much body heat, you may want to have an additional layer on hand in case you are chilly. Always bring water. Always wear suitable shoes. Even though this is not a hike, turned ankles are never fun. Flip flops are not suitable footwear for this activity.

Some people also bring sunscreen and a small backpack and journal. And of course, any personal medical needs like an epi pen or other medication.

What happens if there is an emergency?

A first aid kit always travels with me. Contact numbers for the Cleveland Metropark rangers and other parks are in my cell phone contact list. I am also certified in Wilderness First Aid in case a need arises. You will be asked to fill out a release form before the walk. The emergency contact information you provide will be with us should the need arise.