Soul Coaching Institute

Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards

THE SOUL COACHING ORACLE CARDS provide a powerful pathway to the authentic messages from our souls. These cards never cease to amaze me with their accuracy, guidance, and loving support.

A Soul Coaching Card reading is one way to quiet yourself, look inward, gain clarity, and tap into your inner guidance system. It can also enhance intuition and attune you to the ever-present inner guide that faithfully whispers words of advice and wisdom.

The Cards can be used with individuals or groups. With 52 cards and many different layouts, there are a myriad of ways to use these cards. Here are a few ways that Looking Deeper has utilized the power of these Soul Coaching Cards:

✤  to gain insight at the start of your new project, or any time a project may stall
✤  to provide guidance at the time of a New Year or new phase of life
✤  to celebrate and receive guidance around a birth, birthday or anniversary
✤  to provide a framework and focus for a group creations
✤  to identify a current blockage and the steps needed to clear what is hampering progress
✤  to provide an opening for the voice and guidance of Spirit

Soul Coaching Cards

Your Best Year Program has become an essential ritual for beginning my new year.
It’s an enjoyable and creative way to invite my intuition to participate in expressing my intentions for the year ahead. Much better – and far more effective – than making
resolutions I’ll never keep.

~ Charlotte Nichols