Soul Journey

A SOUL JOURNEY provides the space where we can tap into the ever-present voice of guidance that resides in us all. During a soul journey, you will be gently directed to a very relaxed state. It is in this relaxed state that we are most receptive to messages from our intuition and from our soul. Each journey is unique to the person and the occasion. Generally, a soul journey lasts about one hour from the planning to completion stage.

This type of guided meditation incorporates the following stages:

Clarify: With your soul coach, you are encouraged to clarify your desired outcome for the meditation. What is it that you would ask your soul messenger or higher self?

Relax: Taking the time to focus on your body and be in a comfortable position and relaxing fully.

Visualize: Imagining or visualizing a place that feels both safe and energizing to you.

Dialog: Meeting and dialoging with your soul messenger…tapping into your inner wisdom.

Return: Taking a few moments in gratitude and gently returning to present time.

Process: Discussing this new information with your soul coach for clarity and deeper understanding, exploring the sensations during your journey.

Integrate: Discussing and planning ways to integrate this new information into your life.


Soul Coaching will impact your life! If you want to get in touch with your spirit and develop tools that will keep you in touch with your Core Self and the Divine Holy, then participate in Soul Coaching.
Rev. Patti Verde, USW-S