Soul Coaching Institute

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body

UNLOCK THE SECRET MESSAGES OF YOUR BODY is a 28 Day Jump-Start Program for increased Health and Vitality. There is a deep intelligence in your body that absolutely knows what you need in every moment and understands that getting healthy isn’t about depriving or restricting yourself. It’s about living life with enthusiasm, and cherishing and honoring yourself. This Program is similar to the original 28 day program in structure but has the physical body and its well being and vitality as its focus.

This Program is a long term commitment to yourself and your health. Looking Deeper offers it in two formats; a six week program, and a six month program.

There will be assignments for each day of the Health and Vitality Program. These assignments are divided into three levels, and participants are encouraged to choose the level that is most appropriate for them at any given point in the Program.

As a result of completing this program you will find yourself:

✤  strengthening and supporting your body from the inside-out.
✤  releasing shame and cherishing the body that you have, no matter what shape it is.
✤  moving into health with greater ease and joy
✤  discovering the astonishing correlation between your body and your life
✤  understanding how your environment has an impact on your health and well being
✤  recognizing how your intuition and soul speak to you through your physical body

You do not need to be perfect for this program to work miracles in your life. This program re-connects you to the wisdom of your body and gently brings your focus to one of greater health and vitality.


My body creates new cells every moment, and this hurricane of change enables me to create a body that is in harmony with my increased self-love. My body rebuilds itself in a way that mirrors how much I love it, how much I like being me.

Ákos Háger-Veressear