What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are liquid extracts; a potentized form of a flower or plant that is generally taken in oral form. They are a non-invasive, life enhancing, subtle therapy.

How do the essences work?

The purpose of Flower Essence Therapy is to achieve balance between the mind, body, and spirit; gently correcting the emotional upsets that give rise to physical symptoms or delay recovery from an illness.

They are catalysts to initiate change; guiding us from a negative emotional or mental state into a balanced positive state.

The essences may be used singly or in custom made combinations to address each individual and their current emotional and mental responses.

While emotions are perfectly natural, we are not always adept at allowing them to flow through us or at expressing them in healthy ways. Unresolved emotions can hinder us in life, compounding our challenges. We often develop habitual patterns of response in times of stress that may not serve us well.

The essences are taken orally to assist our energetic system to come into balance, allowing natural energy to flow, gently flooding our system with the positive attributes that will bring about balance.

Each Flower Essence is selected to address a particular negative state of mind. By using essences for self care we are partnering with nature and utilizing the process of resonance. Our energy system comes into alignment and balance.

What can I expect from Flower Essence Therapy?

✤ increased relaxation of body and mind
✤ inspiration to act and respond from your best
improved coping skills for everyday challenges
improved balance and pace of life
✤ greater self awareness
✤ subtle inner re-adjusting from a negative to a positive attitude during life’s challenges

Flower Essence

They are like liquid faith and energy for my soul…and they have been a lifesaver. They help me with heartaches and headaches.