Where to Begin

Programs are offered for individuals or groups, in private homes or public venues.  See our events calendar for currently scheduled programs or contact Mary Alice to learn how a class can be individualized just for you.

If stressful times have you longing for PEACE AND CALM, come into balance with  Exploring the Meditative Life series.

The Soul Coaching 28 Day Program® provides a SOLID FOUNDATION for personal growth and a rewarding joy-filled, gratifying life.  This program provides one with a FRESH NEW PERSPECTIVE.

INVITE NATURE TO BE A GATEWAY to the Divine with Nature Walks, Gardens of Intention, Gifts of the Season, Trees as Our Allies and Guardians, and Seeking Divinity in Nature.

BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, A NEW YEAR OR BEGINNING A NEW CYCLE calls for Co-Creating With Your Soul: Designing and Realizing Your Best Year.

A desire to increase VIM, VIGOR, AND VITALITY and  tune in to the messages from your body, would lead one to begin with the program, Unlock the Secret Messages of the Body.

Deepen and enrich your CONTEMPLATIVE APPROACH TO LIFE with Walking Meditation, Exploring the Meditative Life or Creating Sanctuary.

Making use of the Soul Coaching® Personal Guided Meditation Sessions and What Your Soul Wants You to Know: Using the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards INCREASES TRUST IN INTUITION, trust in yourself, your decisions and strengthens the connection to your soul’s truth.

A longing to dedicate TIME AND SPACE FOR YOURSELF, REINFORCING THE SACRED in everyday life or increasing your focus  would point to the class, Creating Sanctuary.

If you find that GENTLE MOVEMENTS QUIET YOUR MIND and assist you in hearing that still soft voice within, try the offerings; Walking Meditation or Nature Walks.

A desire for a PERSONAL GARDEN dedicated to your own special intention, enhancing the energy in your garden, or supporting the non-human visitors to your garden, can be achieved with a Garden of Intention.

Explore a deepening or new dimension of your personal meditation and spiritual practice through ART, IMAGE, AND CREATIVE PROJECTS. Check out Images of the Feminine Divine, Tuesdays, Collage, and Me!, Messages From Your Soul and Prayer Flags.

The beginning is always today.

~Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley