Who is Dr Bach?

Acknowledged as the modern originator of Flower Remedy Therapy, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a physician, surgeon, homeopath, bacteriologist, and immunologist in England. A keen observer of human behavior, he noticed in his practice that the patient’s state of mind and their type of emotional response played a huge role in their struggle for wellness and healing. Dr. Edward Bach  was ahead of his time in intuitively knowing and observing in his patients what we today call the mind-body connection. He was adamant that the system he would create would be

✤  simple to use
✤  have no side effects
✤  would not interact with other forms of treatment

Dr. Bach discovered 38 flowering plants and trees with properties that balance our human negative emotional states. The Remedies are manufactured under strict guidelines by the World Health Organization for safety and purity and are available in 66 countries worldwide. They are safe for humans of all ages, our animal companions, and even the plants in our gardens.

Dr. Edward Bach

As the Herbs heal our fears, our anxieties, our worries, our faults, and our failings, it is these we must seek, and then the disease, no matter what it is, will leave us.

Dr. Edward Bach
The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies